This is the next article in our series on starting a business in Oklahoma with confidence.  In the last post, we discussed the various license and permit requirements for a new and existing business.  This article has a narrow focus and aims to answer a frequently asked question on annual renewal requirements for an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company (LLC).

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The annual certificate must be filed annually for Oklahoma LLC

If you own an LLC that is registered to do business in Oklahoma, then you must file an “Annual Certificate” every year with the Secretary of State on the anniversary date of the LLC’s registration.  18 O.S. § 2055.2.  The filing confirms that the business is active and current.  You need the LLC’s name, address, and principal place of business to file the annual certificate along with a filing fee.  For instance, if your LLC’s formation date is August 17th, 2023, then the certificate filing is due on its anniversary which is August 17th, 2024.

To check whether your LLC is current, click this Secretary of State link, type the entity name, and then hit enter.  The search result will list all entities with the name you entered, and you can click on your LLC and check next to the “status” box.  If it states that the LLC is in existence, active, or has not ceased to exist, then your LLC is current with the Secretary of State.

Oklahoma annual certificate can be filed online or via mail

You may file an annual certificate for your LLC online or by mailing a completed form to the office of the Oklahoma Secretary of State.  Click here to access the printable PDF annual certificate form to file through traditional mail, and click here for a link to the Secretary of State’s website to file online.  The filing fee is Twenty-five Dollars ($25).  It’s highly recommended that you set a reminder on the LLC’s formation anniversary to ensure compliance and smooth business operations.

Failure to file Oklahoma annual certificate

If you fail to file an annual certificate for longer than 60 days after your anniversary date, then your LLC will cease to be in good standing.

This can have significant legal consequences for your business.  An LLC that ceases to be in good standing is barred from maintaining any legal action in Oklahoma courts until it’s reinstated.  For example, if your LLC fails to file an annual certificate and subsequently faces legal issues arising from business activity, then it would be unable to bring or defend against legal actions in Oklahoma until reinstatement.  This can lead to complications or delays in resolving legal issues.

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