Whether you are in the midst of a real property transaction, or in a situation that involves property deeds and unsure of what it is, this series is written for you.  This is the first article in our series on the various types of real estate deeds in Oklahoma.  An owner of a real property is called the title holder.  By holding the title of land, you have the rights and duties over that property.  Deed, on the other hand, is a medium by which the titles are transferred.  The type of deed varies depending on the type of property or the relationship between the grantor and the grantee.

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There are too many types of deeds unique to various situations and we can’t discuss them all. Therefore, we will focus on the most common ones.

  • What is an Oklahoma Warranty Deed?
  • What is an Oklahoma Special Warranty Deed?
  • What is an Oklahoma Quit Claim Deed?
  • What is an Oklahoma Transfer on Death Deed?
  • What is an Oklahoma Mineral Deed?

We decided to select these topics for several reasons.  First, property ownership comes with its own set of advantages.  But it’s also riddled with numerous laws, jargon, and legal processes that must be followed.  Transfer of property interest is one of them.  Done incorrectly, a defective deed fails to successfully transfer property rights thereby costing you needless time and money.  We plan to educate our readers on the various types of deeds and their functions.

Second, real estate can be transferred in two ways: through conveyance and by the operation of law.  Depending on the parties, property type, and the circumstances involved, the type of deed will vary.  We plan to shed some light on some common transfers that are conveyance transfers.

Third, there is much confusion surrounding the Transfer on Death Deed (TOD).  In the right situation, a TOD can be used as a great estate planning tool to avoid probate.  We plan to delve into the purpose and the circumstances surrounding this deed.

Finally, since Oklahoma is an oil and gas-rich state, mineral rights transfers are common.  This is why we plan on diving into the topic of Mineral Deed.  When you purchase or inherit a piece of land in Oklahoma, you don’t automatically own the mineral rights.  One party may have surface rights to a piece of land while another party may have the rights to any oil and natural gas that exists beneath of property.

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