Oklahoma law allows an adult who is a resident of any one of the Oklahoma Counties and has been residing in that county for at least 30 days, to petition the district court to have their name changed. Of course, the purpose for the name change must not be for any criminal, or fraudulent reasons or to evade creditors, but other than that you may petition to change your name for any legitimate reasons.

This article gives a bird’s eye view of the legal name change process in Oklahoma. If you would like more information on the topic, please read my other article on the subject: 3 steps you must go through to change your name in Oklahoma.

Reasons you may want to have a legal name change

  1. Going back to your maiden name after a divorce,
  2. Changing it to match your step-father’s name,
  3. Changing it to spell the way you’d like it to spell,
  4. Or, for any other legitimate legal reasons.

Legal name change process in Oklahoma

  1. File a name change petition at the county court clerk’s office,
  2. Attend a change of name hearing by appearing in front of a judge,
  3. File the name change order with the county court clerk after the judge signs it.

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