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If you would like to learn more about the eviction process itself, please read my article on that topic, Oklahoma Residential Eviction Laws: A Guide for Landlords and Property Managers.

What is a month-to-month tenancy in Oklahoma?

A month to month tenancy is a periodic tenancy under which the Tenant rents from the Landlord one month at a time, and such a tenancy renews every month, thereby requiring the Landlord to serve a 30-day written notice on the Tenant before you may initiate an eviction proceeding.  A month-to-month tenancy can be created between a Landlord and Tenant through either a verbal or written agreement.

It’s important to note that a month-to-month tenancy may be created even after the lease term expires, where the tenant is in continued occupancy of the property with a Landlord’s consent.  So, if you agree to let your tenant stay at the property after the lease is over, you have created a month-to-month tenancy, and thus a written 30-day notice is required to terminate such a tenancy.  But if the tenant remains in possession after the lease term expires without the Landlord’s consent, you may immediately sue for possession and damages.  Please note that if you consent to a Tenant staying at the property, under Oklahoma law, a month-to-month tenancy is automatically created, requiring a written 30-day termination notice.

In a situation where the tenancy is less than month to month, including a weekly tenancy where the Tenant pays rent every week and the tenancy renews weekly, you may terminate the tenancy by serving a 7-day notice on the tenant.  However, this setup is not very common.

What is an at-will tenancy in Oklahoma?

At-will tenancy is a tenancy that is created between the Landlord and a Tenant, with no predetermined duration, and which can be terminated at any time by either the Landlord or the Tenant.  Under Oklahoma law, to terminate an at-will tenancy, a Landlord must serve a written 30-day notice to quit on the Tenant.  As a Landlord, It’s important to understand the various types of tenancies and accompanying notice requirements for their termination before you enter into any type of rental agreement with a Tenant.

What are Landlord’s duties under Oklahoma Landlord Tenant Laws?

Being a Landlord comes with a plethora of benefits, but they are also accompanied by many duties. Some of the main Landlord duties include making all repairs and doing whatever is necessary to make sure the Tenant’s dwelling and premises are for living and habitable. For example, you are required to make sure all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and other facilities and appliances are in good and safe working order.  Another important thing to note is that the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals has ruled that if the Landlord fails to deliver possession of the property on the date of tenancy commencement as listed on the lease, for reasons like broken air-conditioning, heat, plumbing, etc., rent abates until the property is delivered in a habitable condition. In such a situation, the Tenant may terminate the rental agreement after giving written notice of such intent to the Landlord, and the Landlord must return prepaid rent and deposits.  Therefore as a Landlord, it’s imperative to deliver full possession of the property to the Tenant on the day the lease starts, and make sure that the property is in a fit and habitable condition.