Are you or a loved one facing immigration issues? We at Niroula Law understand that facing these immigration issues can be confusing, intimidating, and sometimes outright frightening. Whether you are dealing with an immigration issue concerning a family member, or an employee, we at Niroula Law Immigration Law Firm are ready to provide you with our expertise to help you guide through every step of the process.

Immigration law is federal law, and one of its characteristics is that it is constantly changing. It’s not uncommon for various immigration laws, policies, or procedures to update so very often making it difficult to keep up with the current laws. That is precisely why it’s important to hire an attorney who can do the legal groundwork and stay up to date on the current immigration laws and regulations, thereby making sure that your case is handled properly.

We are Niroula Law, an OKC Immigration Law Firm that provides a wide range of legal services, including:

  • Family-based immigration: Being separated by the border is tough, and we understand that. We can assist you with the filing of various family-based petitions and help you unite with a family member who is currently abroad. A U.S. citizen or a Lawful Permanent resident may file a petition for certain family members that allows the family member to apply and be approved for an immigrant visa. Family-based immigration services we provide include:

o          Family-based immigrant visa

o          Parent visa

o          Spousal visa

o          Child visa

o          Sibling visa

o          Family sponsorship visa

o          Family-based green card

o          Marriage-based green card

o          Family preference visa

o          Family-based preference categories

o          Family based immigration petitions

  • Employment-based immigration: Many business owners and entrepreneurs are seeking to invest or start a business in Oklahoma City. We can help you with the process to apply for an investor visa, or with the PERM and sponsorship process if you are petitioning a foreign employee for his or her permanent residency. Employment-based immigration services we provide include:

o          Labor certification

o          PERM process (Program Electronic Relief Management)

o          Employer-sponsored green card

o          Employer-sponsored permanent resident

o          Work visa

o          Employment-based immigrant visa

o          EB-1 visa

o          EB-2 visa

o          EB-3 visa

o          EB-4 visa

o          EB-5 visa

o          H1B-visa

o          L-1 visa

o          E-3 visa

o          TN visa

o          O-1 visa

o          EB-1C visa

o          EB-2 National Interest Waiver

o          EB-3 Professional visa

o          EB-3 Skilled worker visa

  • Deportation defense: Many Oklahoma residents are currently facing removal or deportation, and we are here to help. We will work with you to discuss and determine a legal avenue appropriate to your situation. Deportation defense can be very complicated and overwhelming, which is why you need solid legal representation who can help you navigate your rights and options in such proceedings. Deportation defense services we provide include:

o          Deportation defense

o          Removal defense

o          Asylum defense

o          Relief under CAT

o          Adjustment of status

o          Immigration court defense

o          U visa

o          T visa

o          S visa

  • Asylum: If you were persecuted or fear persecution in your home country based on your race, religion, nationality, membership in certain groups, or political opinion you may be afforded protection as an asylee in the United States. We will help you build a strong case for asylum to help you get the best outcome so you can get protection under the law. Asylum defense services we provide include:

o          Asylum application

o          Asylum process

o          Asylum interview

o          Protection under CAT (Convention Against Torture)

o          Asylum for LGBT

o          Asylum for woman

o          Asylum for children

o          Religious persecution Asylum

o          Political opinion Asylum

o          Domestic violence Asylum

o          Asylum for persecution

  • Citizenship and naturalization: The citizenship and naturalization process is another common immigration issue that a non-citizen may need help with. We will work with you every step of the way to gather the required documents, correctly file the applications, and prepare you for the naturalization interview if one is necessary.

o          Naturalization

o          Citizenship

o          Citizenship application

o          Citizenship process

o          Naturalization process

o          Citizenship by marriage

  • Temporary protected status (TPS): Foreign nationals who are unable to return back to their home country due to armed conflict, natural disaster, or extraordinary conditions may be afforded a temporary protected status in the U.S. We can work with you to assess the temporary protected status option for you and determine if you qualify for the program. If approved a TPS status helps you avoid deportation and even receive work authorization, subject to extension.

o          Temporary Protected Status (TPS) application

o          TPS process

o          TPS qualification

o          TPS countries

o          TPS for El Salvador

o          TPS for Honduras

o          TPS for Haiti

o          TPS for Nepal

o          TPS for Syria

o          TPS expiration

o          TPS and green card

o          TPS and permanent residency

o          TPS and citizenship

  • International students: We assist international students to prepare and submit necessary documents, getting ready for visa interviews, and help them maintain status by addressing immigration issues that may arise after they are in the U.S. Whether you are an academic student (F1) or an exchange visitor (J1), we can help you navigate immigration laws while in the U.S., including representation in front governmental agencies or to address any immigration disputes.

o          Student visa application

o          Student visa process

o          F-1 visa

o          M-1 visa

o          Student visa interview

o          Student visa work permit

o          Student visa for colleges

o          Student visa for vocational schools

o          Student visa for MBA programs

o          Student visa for medical schools

o          Student visa for law schools

OKC Immigration Attorney: Serving all Oklahomans

Navigating the immigration system can be a daunting task for anyone, especially if it involves removal proceedings, DACA issues, TPS, or any other issues significant enough to substantially affect your life. It’s important to have an immigration attorney with a solid understanding of U.S. immigration laws and who will advocate for your rights that are afforded under the law. If you run into any immigration issues or would like to sponsor a relative or an employee for a green card, please contact Niroula Law Immigration Law Firm by calling (405) 456-9250, or by filling out the Contact Us Form.