This is the last post in our series on the various types of real estate deeds in Oklahoma.  The last article talked about the Oklahoma Mineral Deed and its interplay with the conveyance of surface and mineral rights.  This post is dedicated to summarizing the main points that we covered throughout the entire series.

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These are the topics that we discussed throughout our series to help you learn about the various real estate deeds in Oklahoma:

We chose these topics for several reasons.  First, although commonly mentioned in real estate transactions, a warranty deed is not widely understood.  In the article, we explain what it entails, its applications, and the protections it provides to the buyer.

Second, a special warranty deed affords some of the same protections to the buyer as a warranty deed but has significant differences.  In this post, we discuss the main differences between them including some of the risks of a special warranty deed.

Third, we dive into one of the most commonly used deeds, a quit-claim deed.  While it affords the least protection to the buyer, it also offers several advantages.  In the post, we explore the many advantages and disadvantages of an Oklahoma quit-claim deed.

Fourth, we discuss a type of deed that can serve as an estate planning tool: the transfer at-death deed.  In this post, we delve into the specifics of an Oklahoma transfer-at-death deed, and its workings, and examine its advantages and disadvantages.

Lastly, we talk about a commonly used deed in Oklahoma, the mineral deed.  In the post, we discuss the vital differences between surface and mineral rights.  Subsequently, we explore what a mineral deed entails, and its working together with surface rights.

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